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Our new schudule for 2019 is : Jan19 3D-R sign-up 10am-1pm Jan 26 INDOOR 3D Brush Shoot ( 11 am Start) Feb 16 3D-R ( Sign-up 10 am-1pm) Feb 23 INDOOR 3D Brush Shoot ( 11 am Start) March 16 3D-R ( Sign-up 10 am-1 pm) March 30 3D-R ( Sign-up 10am-1pm) April 20 3D-R ( Sign-up 8am-11 am) May 18 3D-R ( Sign-up 8am-11am) June 15 3D-R ( Sign-up 8am-11am) June 29 3D-R ( Sign-up 8 am-11am) July 20 3D-R ( Sign-up 8am-11am) Aug 17 3D-R ( Sign-up 8 am-11am) Aug 31 3D-R ( Sign-up 8 am-11 am) Sept 21 WING-DING P (Sign-up 7am) Night shoot starting at dark, Sept 22 WING-DING ( Sign-up 7 am-11am) cards in be 1pm R-ribbons P- plaque HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! ... See MoreSee Less


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Thanks for posting! 👍

2 weeks ago

Bloomington Archery

Hello Bloomington Archery Fans and members. Posted are pictures from an Eli Lilly team event which happened a few weekends ago. We had over 20 people come down and get the chance to learn the art of archery through all types of bows. These people came from Singapore, India, Italy, Germany, the UK as well as the United States. Some never picked up a bow before. Some had some experience. All of them really enjoyed themselves. From all the feedback I got about that day through people that attended, to pictures sent to friends, or general talk about the event we have brought the interest, enjoyment and relaxation of our sport to over 100 people worldwide. The best thing I heard the entire time was "I can't believe how relaxing this is!" Some people started looking for places to shoot already. Some people are looking at buying bows 😜. Regardless... the experience was a very positive one that will last the rest of many people's lives. We were able to bring that to them via our club. For our members, you should be proud because we were able to provide this opportunity so that others outside of our club could enjoy a sport we so cherish and appreciate. Hopefully we will get more opportunities as time goes on. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Bloomington Archery

2019 Schedule is now posted on our website. Just a heads up. We have several months this year that have multiple shoots! ... See MoreSee Less


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I’m looking forward to getting back up there and shooting again starting next year! I’ve been out for a long while due to injury and illness but I’m ready to start shooting again!

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