Bloomington Archery

June Shoot: 50 shooters came out Saturday. We had shooters come out as early as 8am Sunday. Both were great days to be on the trails. Scores will be posted once all cards have been turned in.

July Shoot and Benefit Shoot: July's shoot will be on the 16th. The Benefit Shoot will be on the 17th. 

Bloomington  Archery would like to thank the following for their contributions to our main event!

  • Timerhawk Bows
  • Kleindorfer's Hardware
  • Wild Willies Archery

Celebrate the Bloomington Archery Club by joining us at the 4th of July Parade!!


See Mike Chambers for information on how you can be a part of our float, and check out our flyers at the club.

Be a part of all of our upcoming events!!! Get involved and have fun !!   

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