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103 Registered Shooters for June!

Congrats Johnny Johnson with overall highest score of 294.

We thought we would see rain.... but it held off for our shoot this weekend. Saturday was a bit humid but Sunday was absolutely awesome to be in the woods. Out of 103 shooters over half of them were people that hadn't been out to the club this year. What a great turnout. We couldn't be happier.

Benefit Shoot 2nd Weekend in July

We are parting from the "Every 3rd Weekend" this July and will be having our benefit shoot on the second weekend. July 11th and 12th. This year we will be raising funds for "Hunt of a Lifetime". We are accepting donations and contributions for our auction that will be held that Sunday at 1pm. All funds raised from the shooting fees, contributions and donations will be given to the folks at Hunt of a Lifetime after the auction.

Member Appreciation Dinner This Year

We voted at the last club meeting to have a member appreciation dinner to be held the weekend after the Wing-Ding. The club will sponsor the meat. Members will be asked to bring a covered dish. There will be some targets to shoot and have some fun. This will be the last event before the club will close down for the rest of the year.

2 Man Stand Raffle for Volunteered Hours

If you come out to help work the shoot you will be entered into a raffle at this year's Wing-Ding for a 2-man Stand. You have to volunteer for more than an hour during that day to get your name entered. The rules are easy and you could get up to 3 entries per shoot. You do not need to be a member to be entered into the raffle.

Come out to help setup for more than an hour = 1 entry

Come out and help register for more than an hour = 1 entry

Come out and help bring all the targets in and clean up for more than an hour = 1 entry.

Either the officer in charge for the shoot or a delegate can confirm the hours volunteered and then enter the name into the drawing. April's Shoot will be managed by Tony Zizak. If you are interested in coming out to volunteer some hours to get some entries, email him at